The Wisconsin Water Ski Convention & Expo is presented by the WWSF

Chula Vista Resort |  Wisconsin Dells |  March 1-3, 2019

Show Production & Operations clinics are specifically geared towards the operational and behind-the-scenese aspects of your show. From costume design, boat driving, comedy, and theming, these clinics and seminars will help your team organize the production and performance of your show.

Eventbrite - 2018 Think Tank Water Ski Convention & Expo

Show Comedy Kevin Felien, Halee Martin, Jeneen Martin, Nicole Martin
Rope Making Brint & Gail Burrill
Show Choreography Carmen Daniels, Lisa Mushel, Tagen Tipton, Pam Ward
Show Jump Acts Kevin Felien, Dan Olson, David Rezin
Show Driving 101 Dan Jaworski, Bob Koehler, Joel Williams
Show Barefoot Acts Kevin Felien, Aaron Schoelzel
Boat Driving for Ballet Lines Dan Jaworski, Bob Koehler
Sound & Audio Production Robby Allen, Eric Stener, Eric Wedige
Observing, Riding, and Pin Pulling Kurtis McMillan, Brian Pyszka, Steve Slatter, Joel Williams
Show Production Carmen Daniels, Matt Heilman, David Rezin, Tagen Tipton
Trick & Wakeboard Acts in Shows Dan Olson
Show Costumes Kate Draeger, Jeanice Fox
Show Announcing Robby Allen, Brian Cullen, Eric Stener
Show Safety & Pick-Up Boats Kurtis McMillan, Steve Slatter
Show Directing 101 Carmen Damiels, Kevin Felien, Matt Heilman, David Rezin, Tagen Tipton
Advanced Boat Driving and Boat Driving Q&A Dan Jaworski, Bob Koehler, Brian Pyszka, Joel Williams
  • Robby Allen

    Robby Allen

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  • Brint Burrill

    Brint Burrill

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  • Gail Burrill

    Gail Burrill

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  • Brian Cullen

    Brian Cullen

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  • Carmen Daniels

    Carmen Daniels

    Carmen has been a member of the Brown's Lake Aquaducks for over 20 years. She has been involved in announcing, choreography, and theme development as well as having skied in a variety of acts. Carmen was a skier in the World Record Pyramid and is a recipient of the Cathy Luiting Award at Division II Show Ski Nationals. She will be the Aquaducks Show Director in 2018.
  • Kate Draeger

    Kate Draeger

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  • Kevin Felien

    Kevin Felien

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  • Jeanice Fox

    Jeanice Fox

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  • Matt Heilman

    Matt Heilman

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  • Dan Jaworski

    Dan "Jawz" Jaworski

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  • Bob Koehler

    Bob Koehler

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  • Halee Martin

    Halee Martin

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  • Jeneen Martin

    Jeneen Martin

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  • Nicole Martin

    Nicole Martin

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  • Kurtis McMillan

    Kurtis McMillan

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  • Lisa Mushel

    Lisa Mushel

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  • Dan Olson

    Dan Olson

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  • Brian Pyszka

    Brian Pyszka

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  • David Rezin

    David Rezin

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  • Aaron Schoelzel

    Aaron Schoelzel

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  • Steve Slatter

    Steve Slatter

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  • Eric Stener

    Eric Stener

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  • Tagen Tipton

    Tagen Tipton

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  • Pam Ward

    Pam Ward

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  • Eric Wedige

    Eric Wedige

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  • Joel Williams

    Joel Williams

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